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Minor changes for the CM3.
[wiringPi] / gpio / version.h
2016-12-12 Gordon HendersonA new version of wiringPi. Added in more stuff and... 2.36
2016-01-28 Gordon HendersonMinor change to the scroll phat test program, and bumpe...
2015-12-02 Gordon HendersonBumped Version to 2.31 2.31
2015-11-29 Gordon HendersonUpdated wiringPi for the new Pi Zero. 2.30
2015-09-30 Gordon HendersonFixing a few issues - makefile goofs. 2.29
2015-09-24 Gordon HendersonFixed the requirement for -lm
2015-09-20 Gordon HendersonUpdated the Debian build system thanks to Ian Jackson...
2015-03-08 Gordon HendersonUpdated the board types to cope with an 0014 version...
2015-02-03 Gordon HendersonOK. So the Pi v2 I have had older firmware and it wasn...
2015-01-31 Gordon HendersonOK, so an easier way to manage versions.