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Added support for the Pimoroni scrollPhat
[wiringPi] / devLib /
2016-01-28 Gordon HendersonAdded support for the Pimoroni scrollPhat
2015-09-12 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Honour WIRINGPI_SONAME_SUFFIX
2015-09-12 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Honour LDCONFIG from the environment
2015-09-12 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Do not override PREFIX or DESTDIR from the...
2015-09-12 Ian JacksonBuild system: Move template-based debian build into...
2015-09-10 Ian JacksonBuild system: Fix erroneous symlink in devLib/Makefile
2015-09-10 Ian JacksonBuild system: Enable V=1 to disable @'s
2015-09-10 Ian JacksonBuild system: Add a formulaic setting of Q from V for...
2015-01-31 Gordon HendersonOK, so an easier way to manage versions.
2014-11-10 Gordon HendersonMinor changes to the PiGlow code - got the orange ...
2013-07-24 Gordon HendersonAdded in the PiGlow devLib extension driver.
2013-07-23 Gordon HendersonAdded in PiGlow devLib and a couple of examples for...
2013-05-13 Gordon HendersonwiringPi Version 2 - First commit (of v2)