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Updating for various stuff and bugs. CM3+ and PiA3+
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2019-03-13 Gordon HendersonUpdating for various stuff and bugs. CM3+ and PiA3+ master
2018-03-14 Gordon Hendersonupdate for the v3+ 2.46 2.50
2017-03-01 Gordon HendersonAdded a fix to include -lcrypt for people who can't... 2.42 2.44
2017-02-27 Gordon HendersonBumped the version to 2.40 - correctly this time, I... 2.40
2016-12-12 Gordon HendersonA new version of wiringPi. Added in more stuff and... 2.36
2016-02-29 Gordon HendersonMany changes - tidying up the extensions interfaces. 2.32
2016-01-28 Gordon HendersonMinor change to the scroll phat test program, and bumpe...
2016-01-28 Gordon HendersonAdded support for the Pimoroni scrollPhat
2015-11-29 Gordon HendersonUpdated wiringPi for the new Pi Zero. 2.30
2015-09-30 Gordon HendersonFixing a few issues - makefile goofs. 2.29
2015-09-24 Gordon HendersonFixed the requirement for -lm
2015-09-12 Ian Jacksonexamples/blink.sh: Add missing +x bit with chmod
2015-09-10 Ian JacksonBuild system: Enable V=1 to disable @'s
2015-09-10 Ian JacksonBuild system: Add a formulaic setting of Q from V for...
2015-09-09 Ian JacksonBuild system: Add missing set -e
2014-11-10 Gordon HendersonMinor changes to the PiGlow code - got the orange ...
2014-05-20 Gordon Hendersonchanged to pin mode to support softPwm.
2013-07-28 Gordon HendersonIt helps if you add the files into GIT...
2013-07-28 Gordon HendersonMinor changes to the files and removed a bit of debug.
2013-07-24 Gordon HendersonAdded in the PiGlow devLib extension driver.
2013-07-23 Gordon HendersonAdded in PiGlow devLib and a couple of examples for...
2013-07-23 Gordon HendersonAdded in the SN3218 LED controller IC - as used in...
2013-05-20 Gordon HendersonAded lcd-adafruit to test/drive the Adafruit RGB LCD...
2013-05-13 Gordon HendersonwiringPi Version 2 - First commit (of v2)
2013-01-28 Gordon HendersonQuite a few changes here.
2013-01-19 Gordon HendersonChanged the build system to drop I2C for now. Seems...
2013-01-14 Gordon HendersonLots of changes here. Added new I2C test code, a new...
2012-12-06 Gordon HendersonBig update here.
2012-10-02 Gordon HendersonUpdating gpio manual page
2012-10-02 Gordon HendersonUpdated examples makefile to not actually make any...
2012-08-27 Gordon HendersonAdded new SPI driver helpers.
2012-08-25 Gordon HendersonAdded C++ wrappers for some of the newer .h files
2012-08-24 Gordon HendersonAdded software PWM module into wiringPi - library code
2012-08-16 Gordon HendersonInitial move to GIT