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2012-08-27 Gordon HendersonAdded new SPI driver helpers.
2012-08-25 Gordon HendersonAdded C++ wrappers for some of the newer .h files
2012-08-24 Gordon HendersonUpdating softPwm to fix some typos.
2012-08-24 Gordon HendersonAdded software PWM module into wiringPi - library code
2012-08-20 Gordon HendersonMerge branch 'master' of git://git.drogon.net/wiringPi
2012-08-20 Gordon HendersonChanges to the piNes driver to relect the new delayMicr...
2012-08-19 Gordon HendersonUpdated pwmWrite to not mask the value written in-case...
2012-08-19 Gordon HendersonMerge branch 'master' of git.drogon.net:projects/wiringPi
2012-08-19 Gordon HendersonMinor updates to GPIO and README files
2012-08-19 Gordon HendersonUpdated the GPIO command to add in new features for PWM
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonUpdated gpio program to fix some minor issues.
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonUpdated Makefile so that uninstall works properly
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonTidying up
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonTidying up some old debug
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonAdded a description!
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonAdded some comments about removing the call to pullUpDn...
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonMerge branch 'master' of hermes:git/wiringPi
2012-08-18 Gordon HendersonUpdated wiringPi.c to work with some pullUpDown stuff
2012-08-17 Gordon HendersonUpdated wiringPi.c to work with some pullUpDown stuff
2012-08-16 Gordon HendersonInitial move to GIT